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Implement your IT Service  

Clients who have just subscribed to ServiceNow may be introducing new tooling and process for the first time. Green field implementations such as this are usually straight forward, although they bring other challenges. For example, a lack of an ITSM tool can often signal an underinvestment in ITSM as a capability. Teams may be poorly organised and may require restructure. Processes may require an overhaul. 
More likely however is that the client will be migrating from an incumbent tool. The key objective for any organisation in toolset transition is to maintain service levels to avoid any disruption to critical operations. 
Whichever is the case, Implement is your solution to a fast and seamless transition onto the ServiceNow platform, enabling your business to start leveraging value as early as possible. 
Implement is a blend of technical implementation and service introduction consultancy that not only implements the new tool, but ensures your business functions collaborate through it, so your IT service management teams works smarter through greater, more targeted interactions. 
To what degree we help transform your organisation via the platform for go-live is ultimately your decision. A faster implementation leverages value more quickly. A more customised implementation delivers greater value through automating and integrating workflow and process. 
We can help you find a balance which will ensure you move forward on your toolset replacement, rather than standing still. Scarce follows an agile implementation methodology known as the ServiceNow Adaptive Implementation Framework (SAIF), ensuring every project is delivered to optimal quality and at the earliest opportunity, with the maximum value delivered earliest in the project. 
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