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And where's the fox? 
I was recently asked by a supplier.. 
‘What’s with the bear on your logo?’ 
Honestly. I was shocked to be asked. Nobody had asked before. 
Having rationalised my nervousness over a looming branding war with fox’s glacier mints I decided to I hit the 'reply' button.  
Now, unlike glacier mints, this is not something to ram down people's throats, but since I was asked, I wasn’t about to pass on the opportunity. 
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Most of us (except despots and flat-earth theorists) acknowledge many of the planet’s natural resources are becoming scarce, and therefore we all need to do more to soften our tread. See, there’s that scarce word again, funny how it crops up. 
One way each of us can significantly reduce our impact as business owners is by offering remote or hybrid working to our colleagues and suppliers.  
Why? Well, those in white coats estimate that 14% of global carbon emissions can be attributed to commuting. Not transport. Commuting.  
You know, that pointless, degrading and wasteful exploit most of us suffer in the pursuit of our careers. 
The great news is this figure has dropped significantly through the pandemic years (”every cloud”) unequivocally proving the benefit remote working offers in lowering emissions. 
We all know that carbon emissions lead to a rise in the earth’s core temperature. We all accept the impact this has on human and animal habitats, it is undebatable. Sea levels are rising, sea ice is depleting.  
Cities, islands, even countries are slowly disappearing. 
The polar bear on our logo acts as a constant reminder to us of our responsibility to find less harmful ways to do business. 
By partnering with ServiceNow, we can provide industry leading IT solutions through a single, unifying platform. And that’s great because the power of the NOW platform is unrivalled. 
But to us it’s much more than that, because of one simple fact. ServiceNow doesn’t care where your colleagues are.  
The NOW Platform is an enterprise level communication hub. A virtual place where people work together to further your business cause. A place that requires no planes, cars or motorcycles to visit, just an internet connection. A place that allows meaningful conversation to flow, genuine pan-business collaboration to occur and structured work to take place.  
A place that allows suppliers like Scarce to provide its services remotely, affordably and speedily, without queuing on the motorway or sitting in an airport lounge.. 
Colleagues who work with ServiceNow enjoy immersive and innovative experiences with other colleagues, regardless of geography. 
Organisations break down not only technological silos, but ethnic, cultural and geographic silos, by ridding themselves of the shackles of geography. 
So, to us, it is the perfect marriage to our plight to rid the business world of this wholly avoidable and irrevocably harmful practice of forced commuting. 
Contact me to learn more about how remote working and the platforms that enable it can transform and modernise your business. 
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