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Christmas Comes Early! 

The team at Scarce are both extremely excited and proud today to launch its new website, showcasing our range of remotely delivered ServiceNow services to support new and existing UK customers of ServiceNow with their digital transformation for the new adjusted workplace age. 
Over the past 6 weeks we have worked closely with Mike, Gemma and the fantastic team at Itseeze Web Design in Knutsford, to create an intuitive and interactive space from where we can support our ServiceNow community, provide helpful insight, best practice and topic discussion. 

You know who you are! 

There are so many people to thank for support, from the social media likes, shares and retweets to the feedback, advice, encouragement and guidance.  
Firstly I extend our sincerest thanks to our loyal customers, who continue to put their faith in us and what we do.  
I would like to give a big shout out also to our trusted partners who have supported us on our journey and in our quest to make ServiceNow an affordable platform for every business. Your integrity and unerring support is a constant source of inspiration.  
Thanks also to the team at ServiceNow UK for working closely with us to provide the best possible service to our customers and to the ServiceNow community. 
Finally, a big thanks to Gemma, Mike and the team at Itseeze for your incredible design work and for making the process of web design enjoyable, affordable, interactive and painless. I cannot recommend their services highly enough. 

So what now? 

Over the coming weeks on our blog page we will be covering some hot topics, sharing news, discussing trends and providing general support and advice to help you maximise your investment in the ServiceNow platform. We are keen to hear your views and suggestions on how we can improve our services to you, so please leave comments, use the chat, or contact us to share those. Your input is vital to our effort to build an interactive portal for all things ServiceNow, so please do get in touch and share your experiences. 

Take a look around 

Please explore our new site to understand more about us, to meet the team and find out why we are different. You can learn more about our methodology and process and find out how we are uniquely positioned to make remote delivery interactive, engaging, speedy and affordable to all ServiceNow platform subscribers. If you have any questions please get in touch. And if you or a client you are working with could benefit from our help then please take a moment to reach out. I promise that we don't do hard sell and we won't bombard you with value propositions, rate cards or statistics. We'll just listen. And if we can help, we will. Your best interests are ours. Our goal is to see a the ServiceNow community worldwide thrive and prosper.  

Keep an eye out 

Over the next week we will be launching our new promotional video (No Christmas Advert though I promise!!) to explain how by implementing the platform from Santa Cla.US (sorry, couldn't resist) you can improve the elf of your digital transformation plans (I promise I'm done now) so keep an eye out for that.  
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