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Powering Net Zero 
LCCC is a UK government arm’s length body charged with encouraging private sector investment in low-carbon schemes. Their goal is to support the UK in achieving its net-zero targets and ambitions and promoting decarbonisation initiatives. 
LCCC first evaluated ServiceNow SPM when considering its ambition to deliver IT services faster, more strategically, more resiliently and more cheaply. They recognised the need to manage the entire change portfolio to leverage control and to gain visibility over innovation expenditure and resourcing. 
To harness greater collaboration, LCCC wanted an effective channel through which it would inspire colleagues to volunteer their improvement ideas. 
By empowering innovation managers to collate, de-duplicate and promote the best ideas into demand records for later prioritisation and resourcing, it recognised that resource effort could be better focused on highest priority work. 
Current State Assessment revealed that projects and resources were managed or tracked using numerous point tools. Although processes were well defined, the effort required in maintaining multiple data sets in synch had become onerous. 
Exploration & Design 
Alongside our partners ABIT, we led their journey of discovery through each SPM capability, via a series of interactive solution overviews, demonstrations and best practice sessions. 
Our key role at design stage was to present each capability of SPM in detail through a series of educational and best practice usage workshops. We needed to be extremely precise and thorough throughout these sessions to ensure LCCC was fully armed with the facts. 
Having explored how SPM addresses innovation data requirements they were able to make informed decisions on configuration, including intake forms, processes, templates & dashboards. 
LCCC recognised the automation and efficiency advantages gained when SPM applications are implemented together. Project Portfolio Management (PPM) was configured to deliver critical insight into demand, resources and project portfolios. The Idea Portal was included to provide colleagues a new channel for logging improvement initiatives. 
The client’s most pressing challenge was in managing a ‘fragmented’ innovation management environment. Whilst idea and demand processes were well-defined, existing tools were unable to manage the underlying data requirements speedily or effectively. 
Involvement of the wider user base was critical during the project. Some key stakeholders were selected for admin roles.  
User groups were onboarded via a series of workshops that established ownership and ensured readiness and awareness of the incoming functionality. 
ServiceNow enabled LCCC to replicate the functionality of legacy systems, while enhancing efficiency and gaining significant time savings, by eliminating the need for aggregate reporting.  
Visibility into critical stats and data points was achieved using ServiceNow. Those granted access to the platform now have complete visibility into corporate data, based on robust permissions. 
LCCC were looking for a technology solution that would enable effective management of innovation across our fast-expanding organisation, ensuring resources were focused on delivering our most business-critical improvements speedily, affordably and effectively. 
Through our strategic ServiceNow partner Scarce and its delivery partner ABIT Puresoft, we were able to evaluate the ServiceNow ITBM offering against our requirements and gain full transparency of the cost to change. 
Scarce and ABIT Puresoft took the time to understand who we are as a business and provided practical, invaluable advice and guidance throughout the selection and implementation phases. 
By making implementation both immersive and collaborative, they have created new internal ServiceNow champions within LCCC, cementing ServiceNow as our central enterprise IT platform. 
Their people, the personal relationships they build with clients and the effort they put into delivering your requirements is their greatest strength as a partner organisation. ” 
Delivered under budget, the project has proven a huge success with all business objectives met. An increase in visibility and insight has allowed team members to align activities with corporate objectives more easily, leveraging greater efficiency across resourcing. Now, resources remain focused on the right activities at the right time, ensuring optimal value across innovation channels. Collaboration between service and project managers has enabled a more efficient work environment to develop. SPM has created a strategic opportunity for LCCC to increase its platform adoption, cementing ServiceNow as the enabling platform for their continuing digital transformation journey, driving meaningful change across their organisation. 
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